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Talent is Everywhere. Opportunity is not.

Create Opportunity is an initiative that increases the supply of high-demand software engineers through a screening, training and apprenticeship model designed for individuals from diverse, non-technical backgrounds.

Creating Opportunities in

Columbia, SC

Create Opportunity's partnership with Midlands Technical College, a comprehensive, public 2-year college, is helping South Carolina to solve a systemic under-supply of software engineers while addressing pressing unemployment challenges.


Angela Franklin

Diesel Laptops Employee

"I've been a high school teacher for 15 years. After researching several programs offered at various schools none seemed to be a good fit until I came across Create Opportunity at the Richland County Library. I went through the screening process and was overjoyed (although a bit nervous) when I found out I was accepted. After six months I passed and now am working as a software engineer with Diesel Laptops. I love it here! Thank you, Create Opportunity, for helping me realize one of my dreams."

Christian Spry

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Employee

"Completing the Create Opportunity program at Midlands Technical College has been one of the most rewarding things I've done for myself. It was a challenging six months of learning and applying completely new ideas, but the skills I've developed have prepared me for entering the workforce."

Lacie Lacks

Colonial Life / UNUM Group Employee

"The Create Opportunity program at Midlands Technical College was a great experience. It taught me a lot more than I could have ever hoped for! Now, I am getting ready to start the post-training apprenticeship that will provide valuable experience to further my professional development and provide me with the financial stability to support achieving my goals."

Rannah Derrick

Colonial Life / UNUM Group Employee

"I'd been interested in programming for a while but had never been able to make the concepts stick. Create Opportunity ended up being the right fit for me. The course's structure and easily approachable Midlands Technical College instructors helped build my confidence and skillset. After finishing the course, I'm looking forward to continuing my journey as an Associate Software Engineer at Colonial Life."

Vedhas Doshi

Yovant, Inc. Employee

"What brought me to Create Opportunity was the chance to dramatically improve our family's well-being. During the last three years at my IT job, no real raises were offered, and no promotions were available. These last six months have provided an incredible learning experience in which I picked up multiple programming languages, web frameworks, and soft skills. My apprenticeship will begin in a couple of weeks with Yovant, Inc., and my family wouldn't be in this exciting position without Create Opportunity and Midlands Technical College."



Individuals that successfully complete the apprenticeship emerge as qualified software engineers ready to work in an enterprise development environment. At this point, the engineer's salary should be equivalent to market rate for a mid-level developer with 2-3 years of experience, and they should be highly upwardly mobile.

Professional Community

Create Opportunity endeavors to maximize community attachment, strengthen long-term professional development opportunities for program graduates, and will foster a healthy and vibrant community of software engineers in the region.

City, Region, and State

Create Opportunity will increase the supply of high-demand software engineers in our region and support local economic development by fueling the growth of existing employers and the recruitment of new employers to the region with a capable technology workforce.